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Cohaku – Inhaltsindex aller Ausgaben

Cohaku Artikel-Index

Here you’ll find a table of all articles that have been published in the English version of Cohaku magazine. You can sort the table by name, issue and category. By clicking on an issue number you can directly visit our shop!

NameIssue No.Category
A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing1sewing & textiles
Cohaku textile guide - part 11sewing & textiles
How to make corsages and corsets1sewing & textiles
Technical basics of photography1photography
Special Effects Photography1photography
Upgrading Armors and Props With LEDs1handicrafts
Create your own breastplate out of Worbla’s Finest Art1handicrafts
An interview with Reika Arikawa1special
Man at Arms - Evolution of Cosplay1special
An interview with Calssara1special
Creating realistic wig hairlines1costume presentation
The basics of wig care1costume presentation
An introduction to cosplay makeup1costume presentation
Perfect crossplay makeup1costume presentation
All you need to know about contact lenses1costume presentation
Cohaku textile guide part 22sewing & textiles
How to make a petticoat2sewing & textiles
All about buttons and closures2sewing & textiles
Magical gradients on fabric2sewing & textiles
10 lid line styles for the optimal look2costume presentation
False eyelashes from A to Z2costume presentation
Backcombing wigs2costume presentation
DIY glass shoes2handicrafts
Crown crafting 1012handicrafts
Simple steps to the perfect epaulette2handicrafts
Using Worbla’s Transpa Art2handicrafts
Cosplay-photography with your smartphone2community
An interview with Courtoon2community
An interview with J.Hart Design2photography
About embroidery machines2special
Making a jumpsuit from A to Z3sewing & textiles
Cohaku textile guide part 33sewing & textiles
The best way to support a hood3sewing & textiles
How to make your own dreadlocks3costume presentation
Pop-art and Cel Shading make-up3costume presentation
10 cosplay hacks for sewing3costume presentation
Working with el-Wire3handicrafts
Working with urethane rubber3handicrafts
Using pepakura to make perfect props3handicrafts
Photography by night3photography
An Interview with Riddle’s Messy Wardrobe3community
What comic book artists, storyboarders and illustrators think about cosplay...3community
An Interview with Enji Night3community
Basics for airbrush use3special
The ABC of Sewing Machine Feet – Part 14sewing & textiles
The ABC of Interlinings4sewing & textiles
Working with real leather4sewing & textiles
Making your own Floral Decorations4sewing & textiles
Making your own Buzzcut-Wig4costume presentation
Stubble for Everyone4costume presentation
Perfectly styled High Ponytails4costume presentation
Weathering Techniques4handicrafts
Making your own Muscle Suit4handicrafts
Working With Worbla’s Black Art4handicrafts
Working with the “Arduino” System4handicrafts
An Interview with Liui Aquino4community
Coffee, black – Cohaku Photoset
Photographer’s Feature: Pugoffka4photography
Using Natural Light in Photography
Sailor Collar Step by Step5sewing & textiles
Felting Hats5sewing & textiles
Feathers 1 by 15sewing & textiles
Contouring - Correct Application5costume presentation
Well-Groomed Nails in Cosplay5costume presentation
Painting your Teeth5costume presentation
Clean Wig-Styling5costume presentation
Homemade Bald Caps5handicrafts
Everything about EVA-Foam5handicrafts
Making Chainmail Yourself5handicrafts
Constructing Props with Cardboard5handicrafts
Creating Luminous Body Jewelry5handicrafts
An Interview with Hannah Alexander5community
An Interview with Hee-Hee5community
Photoshoots with Birds of Prey5photography
Special Effects with Reflections5photography

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