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(English) Cohaku #02 available as digital edition!

Everybody loves the printed version of Cohaku magazine! To give even more people the chance to read it in any place and at any time, we are now offering the magazine in a digital version as well!
Cohaku #02 (English) is now available as digital edition for iOS, Android, ChromeOS and Kindle Fire.

To buy a digital issue of Cohaku magazine please visit our Onlineshop here and follow these steps:

1.) Create a Cohaku Shop account by clicking on „My Account“ on top of the page. Then choose „create an account“.
2.) After finishing your payment, click on „My Account“, then „My Downloadable Products“.
3.) Here you will find a link to the Flux Player App. You have to download this app to view your digital copy of Cohaku magazine. (Supported Operating Systems are Android / iOS / Kindle Fire / ChromeOS.
4.) After opening the app, log in with your Cohaku Shop login.
5. )You can now download the digital copy to several different systems and read it offline. You can re-download your digital copies as often as you’d like.

Though you can read your digital Cohaku using a smartphone. We strongly recommend a tablet for the optimal reading experience.

Note: You can find all necessary instructions in our onlineshop as well! 🙂

Digital Edition