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Die Cohaku gibt’s jetzt auch auf englisch!

The first German Cohaku was released in September of 2013. And now, in April of 2015, the first English issue of Cohaku magazine has finally arrived!

Like its German sister the English Cohaku is 162 pages strong and comes in a handy book format (look at the pictures down below). And these are the contents:

– A beginner’s guide to sewing
– Cohaku textile guide – part 1
– How to make corsages and corsetts
– Getting started in cosplay photography
– Basics of special effect photography
– Working with LEDs
– How to make a Worbla breastplate
– Interview with international cosplayer Reika Arikawa
– Interview with international cosplayer Calssara
– Special feature: Man at Arms
– Creating realistic wig hairlines
– The A to Z of wig care
– Basics of cosplay makeup
– Basics of crossplay makeu
– All about contact lenses

Have fun reading the extracts! 🙂

If you want to order your copy, you can get it here in our online shop. We deliver worldwide. International shipping costs via priority air mail (outside Germany) are 3,50 € for 1 Cohaku to wherever you might be! So spread the word and have fun with the first English issue of Cohaku magazine!

Cohaku #01 - English - Cover
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