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Interview mit Liui Aquino (Dokomi 2015)

Cohaku Magazine had the opportunity for an interesting Interview with the well-known and talented Cosplayer Liui Aquino at Dokomi fair 2015. Liui Aquino is a business man, cosplayer and part-time commercial model from Malina, Philippines. He talks about Cosplay, Germany and Craftmanship and the difference between conventions in Germany and the Philippines.

Cohaku: Liui, this is your first time in Germany, isn’t it?

Liui: Yes!

Cohaku: And what do you think about it so far?

Liui: (Pauses and laughs) I don’t know how to express all of this. It feels so magical. I would have never imagined to ever come here. A few months back I was sitting in front of my computer, talking to the editors of Cohaku Magazine. Back then, we were, like: “Maybe we can meet up some day?” And here I am. That’s just awesome. Magical!

Cohaku: From what you have seen of Dokomi – what are your impressions of it?

Liui: To be honest I didn’t expect it to be this big. Besides that I don’t think I’m able to process things just yet. Everything just went out so well, starting from the visa, to the flight and my way here. Europe is like a whole new world.

Cohaku: What are the differences between conventions on the Philippines and Dokomi?

Liui: For me, personally, there are no differences. Sometimes we have massive events in Asia, in very big places with huge numbers of people. It’s amazing to see and meet so many talented cosplayers and be still appreciated by them. Besides that people in Germany are very nice and sweet. They are very passionate and expressive. If they like you, they will tell it to you right away.

Cohaku: Your craftsmanship is extraordinary. What do you think about German craftsmanship and cosplayers?

Liui: Thank you! (laughs) Well, I am especially excited to finally work with Worbla. I have been planning to buy it ever since I got invited to this place. I’m planning to bring it to my friend Alodia and to my mentor. He’s the one who helped me with everything. We are going to experiment a lot and combine our techniques. Besides that I am a big fan of Kamui. She is one of my biggest inspirations and I’m excited to meet her!

Cohaku: What was your personal highlight here so far?

Liui: My first highlight was to be able to meet up with my German friends and fans and to be appreciated by them. I didn’t expect so many people to want to come and see me. I’m very happy. My second highlight was to see how German people make their costumes. I really love learning new things when I go to different places and countries. My third highlight was to meet famous cosplayers like Reika, Chamomile and Misa for the first time! That was awesome!

Cohaku: And last but not least: What’s the coolest cosplay you have seen here so far?

Liui: Gandalf! (laughs) I’m a big fan of Lord of the Rings! I got my picture taken with him.

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Cover-Shooting für die Cohaku #06

Often we are only able to see the results from a shooting, so we wanted to show you what was happening behind the scenes of the cover/photo gallery shooting for the German Cohaku #06.

The theme of issue #06 was “gaming”, so “Celex Cosplay” and “Alasio Hylian Cosplay” slipped into the roles of Link & Zelda from “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” while “B1NH Photogrpahy” took the shots. Our editor Sophia energetically delivered on-site support. Though it was bitterly cold, we really like the results and hope that so do you!

Take a look and enjoy the shots of the beautiful scenery of castle Drachenburg in Königswinter.

Making-of - Cover/Fotostrecke Cohaku #06

Photographer: B1NH Photography
Princess Zelda: Celex Cosplay
Link: Alasio Hylian Cosplay
Presenter / assistant: Sophia Scheffler // Soffel Cosplay
Video: David Pham (

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Die Cohaku gibt’s jetzt auch auf englisch!

The first German Cohaku was released in September of 2013. And now, in April of 2015, the first English issue of Cohaku magazine has finally arrived!

Like its German sister the English Cohaku is 162 pages strong and comes in a handy book format (look at the pictures down below). And these are the contents:

– A beginner’s guide to sewing by Anna „Artflower“ Schunk
– Cohaku textile guide – part 1 by Naraku Brock
– How to make corsages and corsetts by Naraku Brock
– Getting started in cosplay photography by Senta “Midgard” Gohr
– Basics of special effect photography by Benjamin Gauß
– Working with LEDs by Janine „Yumée“ Baumgart
– How to make a Worbla breastplate by Laura „Lightning“ Jansen
– Interview with international cosplayer Reika Arikawa
– Interview with international cosplayer Calssara
– Special feature: Man at Arms
– Creating realistic wig hairlines by Charmaine “Takeshi Cosplay” Herceg
– The A to Z of wig care by Sarah “Downpourin” Reichling
– Basics of cosplay makeup by Thao „Chikako“ Nguyen
– Basics of crossplay makeup by Florence “bakka-tschan” Heyer
– All about contact lenses by Sophia „Soffel“ Scheffler

Have fun reading the extracts! 🙂

If you want to order your copy, you can get it here in our online shop. We deliver worldwide. International shipping costs via priority air mail (outside Germany) are 3,50 € for 1 Cohaku to wherever you might be! So spread the word and have fun with the first English issue of Cohaku magazine!

Cohaku 01 - International Edition - Cover
Cohaku #01 - English - Cover
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